KARAMEA the Movie by Marco Gianstefani.

This is a project we are helping to finish shooting…We are happy to be part of it and we are proud that Marco has chosen IkfcNZ to complete his film.

Here’s what he says about it: The inspiring journey of a bunch of modern-hippies trying to change the world from one of the most remote places on earth, Karamea, a small rural village in the New Zealand’s Southern Island. In a place where, for unknown reasons, everybody who has ever come, never seems to have left, the film follows the pioneering stories of Paul Murray, Gerar Toye and their unusual gang establishing the ‘Livinginpeace  Project’, an attempt to chase their environmental thus economical revolution far away from any glimpse of the civilised world!

Here is a recent radio interview about Karamea the movie by Marco Gianstefani with Plains FM 96.9 from Christchurch.


At the moment we’re collaborating with Rebecca Tansley, on her upcoming endeavour, we wish her all the best for her research in Italy…

This is her most recent film project, it premiered this year at the NZIFF, we totally support it! For further details, you are invited to visit the website about it…

CROSSING RACHMANINOFF by Rebecca Tansley. Aspiring piano soloist Flavio Villani is preparing Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 for his first orchestral performance. He must challenge traditional musical thinking and battle personal demons for a chance to make music his life. Crossing Rachmaninoff is a personal odyssey, with all the elements of drama and catharsis that Rachmaninoff himself depicts so splendidly. It explores the fundamental desire to be accepted for who we are, the beauty of music and the courage of those who make it.