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Kia Ora and benvenuti!  We are a New Zealand based Film Industry consultants service company that helps filmmakers to realise their film projects in any aspect of the pre/production/post.

We specialise in endorsing bilateral collaborations between Italy and NZ but we can also provide assistance for projects based in Europe and Oceania in general.

We believe that a cultural exchange can only be a positive connection! That’s why we decided to come into existence, we work together with directors, film-makers, documentarists, journalists, film commissions and institutions because we know an artistic project has the potential to achieve this target!


– Consultancy for any aspect of the realisation of a filmic project. We offer and create connections.

– We help with the complex process of the production from, contacts, reasearch, production and distribution.

– Assistance with fundings.

–  Co-production film- TV and commercials.

– Search for the right locations.

– Assistance with cast and crew.

– Presence in NZ, Italian and International Festivals.

Italy: also called “Belpaese”, the beautiful country indeed, is, in the collective imagination, the country of the “Dolce Vita” –  the sweet life.  With its countless historical monuments, churches, boroughs and spectacular landscapes, Italy has been the setting of prestigious national as well international worldly famous masterpieces .

New Zealand: still a land of mistery and pioneers, dreams, vast space and immense possibilities. Rich in ancient culture, Maori are still a strong presence in any aspect of Kiwi history. NZ has become the land of trilogies and fantastic dream-like sagas. We are happy to help you film in this magic land! NZ is also very competitive in special effects and post-production too.

For any further enquiry of any kind, get in touch with us, please feel free to use the form below  and we’ll do our best to assist you.


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